Landline Telephones

We install the latest in Panasonic telephones for the home and office!

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Access Control Systems

We install access control systems so you can be sure who comes and goes!

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Security Cameras

We install security cameras from companies like Hikvision, meaning you can view a live feed from your smartphone or desktop!

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What we do

At AIM Telecom Inc. we strive to make the work and home life better and more secure. We believe that being able to leave your home knowing it's secure is a vital asset. We make sure to provide a service that you can rely on and that will work when you need it most. That's why we make sure to clearly communicate with you so that you get what you need.

We also understand that inter-company communication is crucial and must be quick and effective. With that in mind we provide landline phones with intercom technology that will let you connect employees from different floors with the push of a button. Phones that you can be sure will work, letting you focus on the work that matters.


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